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(We have had some problems with this service in the last 12 months, but hope to get it back up and running in the near future.Thanks for bearing with us.)
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We only serve a selection of
tasty, hot, home-made* pasties
& pies with a variety of fillings.



 Simple traditional no fuss food.

*On particularly busy days of the year, we will occasionally
have to buy extra pasties in to meet demand.


Coming Next:

Wed Oct 25 @ 8:00PM

Wed Oct 25th @ 8:00pm   -   263
Open Mic Night

Fri Oct 27th @ 9:00pm   -   351
Rory Mcleod

Sat Oct 28th @ 9:00pm   -   324
Josh Harty

Sun Oct 29th @ 2:00pm   -   164
Melissa Greener

Fri Nov 3rd @ 9:00pm   -   180
Pilgrims' Way

Sat Nov 4th @ 11:00am   -   1816
Cider Festival

Sat Nov 4th @ 9:00pm   -   177
Sir Jac's Bantamacs

Sun Nov 5th @ 2:00pm   -   114

Fri Nov 10th @ 9:00pm   -   59
William the Conqueror

Sat Dec 2nd @ 12:00am   -   1332
Beard, Bottled Beer & Cheese Festival