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Sunday 10 April 2016 @ 02:00pm :  -
Gillespie and Wolfe


Based in Edinburgh, but with a penchant for travel to faraway and not so faraway places, Sam Gillespie and Becka Wolfe delight in busking, performing, singing and sometimes dancing for whatever good people of the world will have them.

Playing predominantly violin and guitar and messing around with harmonic vocal interplay, they are also known to stretch their hands to viola, flute, oud, banjo and piano, if Becka can get her sticky paws on one. Musical influences range from a strong hint of English, Scottish and Irish traditional, through to Gaelic song, French chanson, Appalachian, Balkan, Klezmer and Arabic.

In 2013 Gillespie and Wolfe played their first gig in Edinburgh's Forest Cafe. Since then, they have drunk deep of the nourishing waters of Edinburgh's roots scene (as well as many other choice liquors).

When living the high life of part-time employment they self-funded the recording of their first album.





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