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Saturday 23 April 2016 @ 09:00pm :  -
The Zen Hussies


The Zen Hussies formed in 2001 in an endeavour to reclaim roots music forms such as trad jazz, blues, ska, rock and roll and swing back from the clutches of mere nostalgia and attempt to invest these wonderful influences with a contemporary relevance to today’s world whilst respecting the traditions from which they arose.

Led by frontman, singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist Jules Landau AKA Jonah Flatfoot the band have been at the forefront of the UK revival with a thousand live appearances at festivals, clubs, pubs and bars all over Europe. Their trademark sound has been described by Festival Eye magazine as ‘the sonic definition of happiness’ and is a whirl of bluesy hollers, swinging trumpet, baritone sax, clarinet, harmonica, double bass, guitars, drums and good humoured stylistic nudges and winks. DIY from the start, the band have never attempted to garner assistance from the mainstream music industry, which probably accounts for their longevity and has earned them almost cult like status in the UK live music scene and a devoted array of followers of all ages.

The Zen Hussies are:
Jules Landau AKA Jonah Flatfoot - Lead vocals, words, rhythm guitar, clarinet, harmonica.
Count Sebski Velo - Lead guitar, vocals.
Cha Cha Gabore - Baritone Saxophone, lead and backing vocals.
Tommy ‘rocket pants’ Allen – Double Bass, vocals.
Mathesulah Hurst - Trumpet, vocals.
Mikey Barrelhouse Cooper - Drums, percussion and vocals.



"Born showmen with one eye on the absurd guaranteed to create a sea of beaming revellers" ~ Venue Magazine

"Like tearing down bunting with your teeth" ~ Mojo Magazine

"The original neo-fopp masters of the boogaloo" ~ Monsterpiece Productions

"Film noir and ska collide in a dancefloor quaking riot of brass and rhythm" ~ Buena Vista Social Club Presents

"Undisputed masters of post-punk adrenalin fuelled swing stomp" ~ Sepiachord Magazine




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