Did you know your favourite pub sells merch?!

We sure do! At the moment we have our most popular items: the navy blue cap and classic t-shirt with the original pub logo on the back. Thanks to everyone for your awesome support and love for our merch. Be sure to keep an eye out for new merch on our social media in the next few months- we have some pretty great things coming up.

Just a heads up: you can purchase all of our gear exclusively at our pub. We do not have online sales or shipping options , but we’d love to see you all when you drop by to check it out! Just as any of our lovely staff behind the bar if you want to take a look.


A Newman CenturyThe Square and Compass Book. . . . SOLD OUT

If you want to now more about this treasured little pub in Worth Matravers then grab yourself a copy of 'The Square and Compass: A Newman Century' by Ilay Cooper, illustrated by Jack Daniels, Designed by James Twist. The book contains over 150 pages that follow the history of the pub from its origins to present day, detailing the Newman familys influences and running of the Square for over a hundred years. Packed throughout with photos, paintings, and illustrations collected over the years.