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Friday 30 November 2018 @ 09:00pm :  -
Cam Penner and Jon Wood

Cam Penner and Jon Wood

A Canadian duo much loved by Americana-UK return to the UK for a tour starting on Wednesday of this week. Cam Penner and his trusted full time collaborator, Jon Wood, return for just over two weeks of touring in support of their brand new album ‘At War With Reason.’ Penner is a true artisan of the roots-americana genre, crafting songs in his homemade recording studio tucked away in the woods behind his remote British Columbia home.

The latest release follows on from the fearless approach demonstrated on previous album ‘Sex and Politics’ (readers – caution is advised when undertaking any sort of internet search using the words ‘Sex and Cam’), and ‘At War With Reason’ demonstrates a similarly no nonsense approach and willingness to engage with the state of the world in uncompromising fashion. Talking about the new album, Penner said: “It was the longest winter in decades. I spent my days working down at the homeless shelter and the nights in my studio in the woods carving away at songs, sounds, structures. Watching it collapse. Rebuilding. I threw everything at the wall. Ideas. Words. Frustration. Anger. The temperature fell. I fed the fire. I kicked. I strummed. I struggled…with myself and humanity.”

Cam Penner and Jon Wood have previously won major TV exposure when tracks from their ‘To Build A Fire’ album were chosen as the backdrop to the BBC 2 TV drama based on Iain BanksStonemouth novel.

Looking forward to the upcoming tour, Penner said: “We’re making our way across the Atlantic once again with a suitcase full of rhymes and sounds from my new album. I haven’t said much about it but that’s gonna start happening right away. All I gotta say is, it’s going to wrap its arms around you, pull you in close and stay by your side all winter long. Jon and I are ecstatic about heading back to Scotland, England & Wales. Bring your sweetheart, your mates, your neighbours, your angst-ridden teenage kids."

“The songs were born from the winter; from the darkness. But there is a light in every one of them. A hope. The search for the better.”



"mesmerising" ~ Paul Kerr, Maverick magazine

"Masterful - an utterly compelling duo - brilliant!" ~ Mike Ritchie, Americana UK

"Quite brilliant" ~ No Depression

"Stunning" ~ The Daily Express

On 'Sex & Politics' album:

"Simply superb - an album that'll be making more than a few end-of-year 'best of' lists" ~ Americana-UK

"totally’s maybe as fine as music’s likely to get" ~ Acoustic magazine

"a work of outstanding genius." ~ R2 magazine

Cam Penner and Jon Wood