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Friday 07 December 2018 @ 09:00pm :  -
The Rad Orchestra

The Rad Orchestra

The Rad Orchestra sing and play hypnotic tunes on guitar, ngoni, viola, violin, fiddle, bass and percussion. They take inspiration from time-honoured song writers, minimalism, global Folk, Blues & Soul.

Players, Stringers & Shakers:
Amy Jane Hosken: Viola
Louise Gibbens: Violin
James Gavin: Violin, Mandolin , Guitar
Paul Greenstein: Guitar (via Australia)
Duncan Noble: Bass
Max André Rademacher: Vocals, Guitar, Ngoni
Renu: Percussion
Lawrence Hill: Percussion
Richie Stevens: Drums



"If you mashed up the drive of Led Zeppelin with the jangly pop appeal of mid-60s Beatles – threw in a bit of Woody Guthrie's hard-trodden folk balladry and stuck it in the oven for the 21st Century then, well you'd have a pretty strange tasting cake. But after you sprinkle it with a bit of Salif Keita you realise that it's actually pretty damn tasty!" ~ George Smillie

"Hooooo! I love this CD you give me! This is the band you need. Very nice stuff there, you can hear everything - Celtic and Malian and lots of movement of music. Respect you all. And the singer he has very original lovely feelings, good spirits. Well done. I like what you are doing there -hugs!" ~ Juldeh Camara (Gambian Fula jali of Real World recording artists JuJu, formerly of Ifang Bondi, singer, nyanyeru player, composer, BBC and Songlines World Music Award winner, currently a member of Robert Plant's Sensational Space Shifters).

The Rad Orchestra