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Sunday 08 September 2019 @ 01:00pm :  -
Hobby Horse Freestyle Dressage & Jumping
Hobby Horse Dressage

1.00pm - Registration (£3 per entry)
2.00pm - Hobby Horse Parade & Introduction

Hobby horses are required to perform a 3 minute freestyle
dressage to music routine followed by a course of jumps.

At Entry register Name of Horse, Rider & Fun Facts about you

There will be a list of 100 songs to choose from on the day or email
your choice by 24/8/2019 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


ALL proceeds to charity

No liability will be accepted by the organisers, helpers or officials
for any accidental bolting, falling over, trampling, chaffing
or other equine or cider related injuries sustained.


It all ended a bit untidily, but the truth never fully came out. Now Equine Investigator Miss-Ingda Houffs, distant cousin of our Scandi Detective Liv Alidl needs your help to solve this year's mystery! Also look out for the Bookies Assistant Gaynor D'Avantage. She's got a story to tell and she's not going to go quietly!!

Following the mystifying conclusion to last year's event our detectives went into retirement (therapy) and our suspects dispersed around the globe with the Rumpslingers rumoured cruising up the Nile with Jabber in tow. Alexander Wallis III disappeared without trace but his brother, Alexander Wallis IV has been frequenting the scene of the crime protesting his brother's innocence. Stud Muffin and Lord Robbie nowhere to be seen. Sid has a new gun.....

Miss-Ingda Houffs, Equine Investigator, has been dispatched to ask for you help to make sense of this unsolved mystery and see if we can bring the perpetrator to justice. See your PROGRAMME to enter and not only have the satisfaction of banging up a dangerous criminal but celebrate with winners bottle of CHAMPAGNE and sundry prizes!!!

Sadly Gaynor D'Avantage has fallen on hard times over the last year. She is now a divorcee, but without any financial settlement.

Her 3rd ex-husband, the dastardly Baron, fearing that Brexit is taking too long, has fled to South America to avoid the upcoming EU taxation on his wealth.

Nevertheless the ever resourceful, former politician, now has a "real job" as a Bookies Assistant at the prestigious Square and Compass Hobby Horse Freestyle Dressage and Jumping Event and remains as cheerful as she can with the aid of a continuous flow of bottles of Hattie Brown's 'Dog On The Roof', to be found either in her pockets or upon her lips.......

Some pictures from last year's event. Link to the complete gallery is below.

Hobby Horse Freestyle Dressage & Show Jumping

Photos: Caroline Beale Johnson plus a few others.

See the complete Gallery from last year's event here.