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Saturday 14 September 2019 @ 09:00pm :  -
Jenny Wren & Her Borrowed Wings

Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings

Formed in October 2013 , Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings are made up of three established musicians who have already forged their own musical niches on the Americana/Roots scene. Band members include, Jenny Trilsbach on main vocals and double bass, Ben Fisher on resophonic guitar and backing vocals and Ben Gallon on the acoustic guitar and backing vocals. All three musicians write material for the band, each with their own style and flavour.

Within a few months of first playing together, Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings were ready to record their debut album DEAD MAN’S HAT. Recorded over two days in Abbot Street Studios London, DEAD MAN’S HAT was released on independent record label Creature Records in May 2014. DEAD MAN’S HAT features eleven original songs that showcase the band’s raw and emotional style and intricate musicianship. It was very well received and the band spent the remainder of 2014 and 2015 playing live shows and festivals across the UK and further afield for tours and festivals in France, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

2016 brought great excitement for Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings with the recording and release of their second album A SOUP. The intense flavours that make up the thirteen original songs on A SOUP have been matured and carefully refined during the band’s extensive live performances. Released on 1st NOVEMBER 2016 on Creature Records during the band’s album launch tour in the UK, the band received a great response to their new album and enchanting live performance.

2017 was a whopper of a year for the band, with a continuing success for the new album and mounting glowing reviews, 5 trips to Europe and what’s more – the pot of new songs for album number three is fast swelling. 2018 saw the new songs evolving and maturing through the band’s determined and intense live performances with a springtime European tour and some new UK venues and festivals.

2019 brings high hopes for the much awaited third album, and is set to be another interesting year for the three very hard working musicians who just want to keep on going…



"The voice of Jenny Trilsbach is to fall in love. What a singer with power and rawness, but still very sensitive. The instrumental combination of Jenny Trilsbach on bass, Ben Gallon on the acoustic guitar and Ben Fisher on the resonator works par excellence" ~ Richard Wagenaar, NL

"Music based on the mastery of their instruments, power and depth of the unique vocals and beautiful own compositions. A beautiful fantastic concert, what an introduction!" ~ Next gig, NL

"Three musicians at their most intuitive and sympathetic" ~ Americana, UK

"A dusty, smoky, roots sound with a hint of 40s noir around the edges. Textured, low-down Rhythm and Blues with an old soulfulness and a winning shimmer" ~ Jamboree Venue, UK

Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings