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Friday 11 October 2013 @ 09:00pm :  -
Josh Harty

Josh Harty

Touring across continents, Josh Harty''s unique blend of American music has become a must-hear for those who keep the tradition of country, blues and folk close to their hearts. Born and raised on the plains of North Dakota, Josh has continued the old family tradition of playing guitar. As Europeans discovered and Midwesterners have known, it doesn’t get more Americana than Josh Harty. His father, both a preacher, and the Police Chief of their small town, was also Harty''s music mentor. “I was either going to heaven, or to jail” Harty muses.

That kind of humor, that hell-bound hope, is in the center of Harty’s music -- music captured on his three critically acclaimed albums, and polished while touring continuously across Europe and North America, and shows no signs of slowing down. More than just moving along, he''s spending plenty of time in the communities along the way, from Brooklyn to Haarlem, from London to Portland. Josh is always looking for that balance between the rolling road and the people who inspire him, trading stories around kitchen tables and theatre stages. Harty’s live shows prove that good story telling combined with journeyman musicianship is as American as music gets.

Those in the upper Midwest who have watched Harty grow since his move to Madison in 2004 know what he can make happen live. His warm, woeful voice is buoyed by charismatic guitar playing. He can hush a bar room. When he lets his guitar do the talking audiences are carried all the way in. Harty will capture your audience the same way he commands a bar room. And his live shows prove that good story telling combined with journeyman musicianship is as American as music gets.



“An honest voice and fingers that seem to catch fire!" ~ Atlanta Music Guide

“As a songwriter, I would say he''s striving to be as honest, as true to an emotion, as he can possibly get. . . there is a dignity to this music making that leaves us feeling enriched for the experience." ~ No Depression

“The sincerity of the songs shines and the subtle and beautifully detailed instrumentation ensure that you always stay focused." ~

“The first thing that hits you is Harty''s world weary voice on “Whiskey & Morphine” as a song that talks of self-destruction and sets the tone for what is to come. . . Harty draws you into his songs and you are a part of his world." ~ Lonesome Highway

Josh Harty