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Saturday 25 January 2014 @ 09:00pm :  -
Stoned Holy Rollers


A Jazz/Rockabilly/Gospel Melange, The STONED HOLY ROLLERS are Apprenticed in Arcane Rites of Voodoo Vibration! Initiated into Secret Syncopations!! Matriculated in rock n Roll G-Spot Stimulation!!.....we believe "A Little Rock n roll is a DANGEROUS THING!".....because it''s a "Little Liberation with a Sexual Swing!" We also Believe the Skyn is Blue & that the River will NEVER let you Down!!

Rev. S.P Studbagel has a Twinkle in his Eye!
Dr. C.T Smash has a Winning Smile!
Sgt. T.C Pupp has sideburns!

Band interests
Pushing it in & Pulling it out!
The Zing of Fresh Cut Ginger!
The Smell of Garlic n Onions Sizzling in a Skillet.
The babbling of rills!
Singing the Body Electric!
Lovers in the Lilac.....
& Porty Prom!