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Sunday 16 February 2014 @ 02:00pm :  -
Hip Hatchet

Hip Hatchet

Hip Hatchet is the songwriting project of Philippe Bronchtein. The sound is trademarked by open tunings, lush woodwinds, intricate finger picking, and a unique vocal delivery. The songs are most easily categorized as folk, but draw inspiration from elements of country and chamber music as well. Like the songsmiths before him, Bronchtein places emphasis on the songs'' lyrics that revolve around loneliness, camaraderie, home and love.

Born in Montreal and raised in New Jersey. Bronchtein found his voice as a songwriter while living in Vermont between 2006 and 2010. His first full length album Men Who Share My Name was self released on May 2nd 2010 and later re-released by Gravitation records in August 2011. The blog We Listen For You describes Hip Hatchet as “gorgeous introspective folk…the best new act of 2010.”

In April 2012, Hip Hatchet released Joy and Better Days on Gravitation Records. The album chronicles Bronchtein’s relocation across the country and features Alex Lewis on guitar, Jake Nussbaum on drums, and Charlie Freundlich on Bass.

Hip Hatchet is currently based in Portland, OR, where Philippe performs as a soloist.

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“The music is gorgeous introspective folk. The melodies seep into the body as they slowly stride forward with poetic lyrics flowing from a voice that calls on Nick Drake. Hip Hatchet is Philippe Bronchtein and spending ten minutes with his album, the power he has as a songwriter becomes clear. His voice is a mixture of Nick Drake and Matt Berninger but his greatest tool is the pen…The lyrics are honest, sad, funny, introspective, metaphorical, and ultimately poetic. Like Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits, Bronchtein mixes stripped down humor with honest self criticism. This is an introduction to the best new act of 2010. Hip Hatchet demands your attention. ~ Zach from

“Men Who Share My Name", with heartwarming, piano-driven ballads evoking memories past. The most impressive part about the sound is something we often tend to overlook: the instruments remain sparse – while there are several on display, they only make sporadic contributions to the sound, saving us from anything superfluous. ~ Lee from

“Philippe uses these influences as a foundation for his own minimalistic and time sensitive arrangements. His deep vocals meld well with the winter coat of harmonies that cover this album and take the listener to a place of comforting seclusion. ~

“Indeed, the album reminds me of the wide-open Vermont spaces that I’ve so often wandered – especially those moments when the Sun finally fades, and one is left only with conversation to hold the night back. To me, the sound of this album seems imprinted by Winter and woodland, and carries all the warmth and determination of a soul that has passed through those things time and again. ~ Shh…Listen

“Wonderfully poetic, deeply introspective songs about heartbreak and weariness that bring to mind a cross-breeding of Nick Drake and The National’s Matt Berninger. ~ Bears Eat Beats

Hip Hatchet