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Sunday 16 March 2014 @ 02:00pm :  -
David Miles and Friends

David Miles and Friends

David V Miles, the bassist (formerly known as ''5'') was (to borrow from Jaco Pastorius) formally self taught. In a bizarrely eccentric career (involving everything from The Royal Opera House to Helen Shapiro) he has touched on almost every genre whilst successfully avoiding being permanently identified with any of them.

Despite having worked as a sideman for a long list of jazz names he has always had the wrong haircut to be taken seriously but has always been big in Peru.

He delights in such a random existence and the challenge implicit in the notion that the art of the virtuoso cannot flourish without the craft of the accompanist. Having given up the law for Rock and Roll he has also had other parallel universe careers such as "making antiques" [sic] and he spent several years in womenswear! "Never mind the humble accompanist bit, at heart I''m just a show off!". Nevertheless can sometimes be persuaded to shut up and just play rhythm guitar when required.

"Don''t call me a Jazz bassist Don''t call me an ''anything'' bassist. Call me when you want an accompanist ! Double Bass, Bass Guitar, Guitar....I''ll MD for you, write your charts, whatever it takes to get the song across."