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Friday 09 May 2014 @ 09:00pm :  -
Beyou Seco


Bayou Seco are Ken Keppeler and Jeanie McLerie. Their roots are deep in the southwest but their branches reach far across the world. They have learned from traditional musicians during most of their lives and continue to learn and to promote traditional music from North America, especially the SW USA.

What do we do?
We have collected music from older traditional American musicians for most of our lives and we have learned to play many of their tunes and songs. We have especially focused on Cajun music in SW Louisiana and, since 1980, we have learned from traditional Hispanic, Cowboy, and Tohono O''Odham musicians in New Mexico and Arizona. Both of us play fiddle and guitar and sing. Ken also plays one and three row diatonic accordions, 5-string banjo (fretless and freted), harmonica, and mandolin. We play concerts, dances (where we can teach Spanish Colonial dances from New Mexico and other dances), Art Centers, Schools, Museums, Folk Clubs, Weddings, Wakes, State Fairs and other types of events.



"When they spin out their tunes, magically a time is conjured up when people instinctively got up and danced because they were moved to, because it felt good, not because it was some kind of bizarre bar room mating ritual...There is something instantly recognizable in the songs of BAYOU SECO. It''s as if you can hear the foundation that modern music is built upon, singing from underneath." ~ Dan Hyatt, ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL

"BAYOU SECO emphasizes the rich cross cultural nature of music in general - a little from here, a touch from there... Divergent musical styles, so well cross-pollinated, they have become hybrids." ~ Gene Armstrong, ARIZONA DAILY STAR

"The common element of their music is the sheer happiness each song projects." ~ Steve Terrell, SANTA FE REPORTER