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Saturday 02 August 2014 @ 09:00pm :  -
CoCo and the Butterfields


CoCo and the Butterfields sprang to life in September 2011 as a humble folk trio. Nowadays they’re more accurately described as a five-strong major kick on the South East music scene- a truly colourful, energetic & crowd-stamping act to be reckoned with, performing their own unique fusion of Folk, Pop and Hip Hop, or “Fip Fok”. Within the two years since their formation CATB have earned themselves the title of the UK’s best unsigned act, a quarter of a million YouTube hits and have shared a stage with internationally renowned artists King Charles, Bastille, Seasick Steve, The Pogues and Wheatus.

From busking in their hometown of Canterbury, to concert halls, to headlining Rome''s largest unsigned music festival, CoCo and the Butterfield’s fresh sound and raw energy on stage has rapidly gained a large and loyal national following, making them one of the UK''s top up-and-coming bands to watch out for.

Each member of CoCo and the Butterfields has experienced a very different musical upbringing that when combined, create an extraordinary sonic result. The Butterfields innate creativity and distinctive personalities are the bedrock for their original musical style. The well crafted lyrics and guitar melodies of CoCo Butterfield weave the basis for beautiful and hard-hitting songs, whilst the graceful voice of Dulcima Showan, coupled with her refined violin skills, make for a captivating delivery. Beatboxer extraordinaire, Jamie “Euphex” Smith along with his unusually talented vocal cords, provides the rhythmic powerhouse for the band (along with some jaw dropping party tricks!), whilst the eminently cool Micah Hyson lays the foundations with his smooth double-bass playing. Finally, a hint of foot stomping bluegrass comes in the form of the nimble-fingered “Handsome” Rob Wicks on the five string banjo. Certainly not what could be described as a conventional lineup! However, it facilitates a fantastically fresh and invigorated sound. In the words of Record Producer Dan Lucas, they''ve "managed the near-impossible task of creating a sound that is almost entirely unique.”

The band regards their work as breaking down musical stereotypes and uniting listeners with a diverse range of musical flavors to suit all tastes. Having performed to many thousands of people throughout the UK in 2012, packing out their shows from the very beginning, CoCo and the Butterfields are still regularly spotted busking around the nation. From the pavement to the arena, CATB are more than just fantastic musicians – they are seasoned performers. Following the successful release of their debut EP, Fip Fok, CATB filled 1,200 seats at a sell out show at Canterbury’s Marlowe Theatre where the new single Warriors launched on May 5th 2013. They will soon be appearing yet again for another huge show in June 2014 at the 2,400 seater Wintergardens in Margate, where they shall be releasing their new EP, See the Sun. Their music is powerfully spellbinding - it gets the crowd on their feet and keeps them there. Truly they are a force to be reckoned with.



“They’re definitely the most original winner we’ve ever had.” ~ UK Live & Unsigned 2012

“Very cool band!” ~ Bob Geldof

“We loved it!” ~ Mark Forrest, BBC Radio

“The song Astronaut stuck in my head that night, the whole bar was singing along, clapping and stomping, you can’t imagine the buzz these guys caused.” ~ Kate Lynn Devere, Gashouse Radio

"The stand out band from the weekend were CoCo and the Butterfields who absolutely blew the festival away on each day. On Sunday they performed on the small farmhouse stage slap bang in the middle of the day and yet still had a large crowd going wild. This band are heading to the big time with their mix of folk, country and even a beat boxer offering percussion as well as sick solos." ~

“Their energy in both live shows and recordings is infectious and the blend of various styles works wonderfully. Ones to watch for the future.” ~ Adam Dowling, BBC Radio Kent

“Bespoke music but not as you know it – CoCo and the Butterfields are a young acoustic fivepiece who have managed the almost impossible task of creating a sound that is almost entirely unique...A great entertaining and totally unique band at last." ~ Dan Lucas, Record Producer

"There should be a law saying that CoCo and the Butterfields should only be allowed to play outdoor venues as they are so raucous and fun that any indoor space runs the risk of having its roof and walls blown clean away. These guys are just great, infectious and rowdy, just what live music should be." ~ Baylen Leonard, Amazing Radio

"CoCo and the Butterfields were far and away the most engaging, animated and exciting band of the festival." ~