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Friday 23 September 2016 @ 09:00pm :  -
Andy Broad

Andy Broad

Taking inspiration from the great delta players such as Robert Johnson, Blind Willie McTell, Son House and Mississippi John Hurt, Andy Broad combines their raw syncopation with the sounds of Chicago (e.g. Muddy Waters and Howling Wolf) and the modern song writing approach of the likes of Robert Cray welding the whole into a powerful music for the modern day.

Equally at home on Acoustic and Electric guitar, playing both slide and fretted styles, Andy considers his music to be Urban rather than Country Blues, after all he lives in the City Of Portsmouth and has never been near a cotton field in his life! The subject matter of his music reflects this urban perspective, whilst remaining very much in the traditions of the music.

Since becoming a fully professional musician in 1989 Andy has been developing his solo style. Swapping between acoustic and electric guitar his distinctive rhythmic style has been forged by the pragmatic approach of "getting out on the street" and playing the blues. The solo performance (occasionally accompanied by a harmonica or sax player) is where Andy's real strengths lie. Freed from the rigid structures of band life Andy plays in rhythmic metres that would give many drummers or bass players a headache but which follow the ebb and flow of the emotions of the blues. And, be it happiness or sadness, joy or lament emotion is what the blues is about! His singing continually strengthens and he can produce any thing from a deep emotive growl to a high melodic falsetto. The solo context is also where Andy's slide guitar comes to the fore. His impressive technique enables him to craft his own self penned material as well as rearrange the songs of others in ways that make them completely his own. A strong example of the first is the title track of the CD "From The Roots On Down". His unique arrangement of "Broke Down Engine" worked up by listening to a Dylan version a of Blind Willie McTell song is an excellent example of the second.

Recently he has started to blend in some of his other musical influences, you might hear a hint of indian music in some slide tunes, or a spanish / gypsy jazz inflection to a minor blues. Keeping things fresh and interesting, whilst staying true to his spirit.

For a little over ten years now Andy has been playing some Jazz, orignally teaming up with guitarist Phil Jones. Their regular spot at the "Kitsch n D'or" in Southsea lasted for 8 years becoming a firm favourite, with diners and jazz fans during that time. More recently Andy has been playing guitar in the Shawsax quartet and has been absorbing the music of the likes of Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery, and Django Rheinhardt into his blues repertoire, audiences might be surprised to hear the occasional octave solo creep into his blues playing, and watch out for those diminished runs over the dominant in the middle of an otherwise conventional blues.


“Saw Andy play at Dixieland, Verteuil on Friday. Our whole party blown away by his guitar playing. Never seen anything like it live. Fantastic!!” - Pete - Walker Broad Website Blog Comment

"... a rollicking bit of slide ... " - CHRIS BROOM - The News

“If you are into Acoustic Blues, this album is a must” - Adrian Blacklee - Blues Matters

"clever and acomplished guitar work embelished with a resonant clear vocal ... some fine slide" - Bob Chaffey - Blues In Britain Magazine Issue 123

"Ohhhh yeah ... nice and bouncy ... and bluesy ... and just down right good ... You can tell when a craftsman is not only making a piece of art ... but when he is enjoying his work during the process ... labor becomes play ... and the creation shines ever so brightly ... The sound is not just sound ... but a vehicle to carry the inner smile of the creator to the outer receptor of the listener and travel all the way through and back out again ... only leaving behind a little piece of that art for the listener to recall and enjoy many times over ... such is the case with this thoroughly great tune ... Keep 'em coming Andy - Sam Cat - Review @ IAC Music

“If I didn't already know he wrote it, I'd bet money "From The Roots On Down" is one of the legendary lost Robert Johnson tracks. Sweet slide work, too. From Andy's album of the same title....” - Streetcorner Serenade @IAC Music

“Monday was blues day with respected artist Andy Broad delivering some superb picking and stupendous vocals ...” - Russell Hill - Maverick Magazine ( Review Of Southsea Folk & Roots Festival)

“Catchy Grooving Riff jumps out at you right away, nice ! real fine vocals by Andy, certainly got the chops going on with a definite killer feel and dynamite action on that guitar, loved the listen ,total in the pocket feel, great stuff” - Bryon Tosof - Blues Music Is Truth

“Yea, I like it” - Folken Blues & Americana Review @

“Blues is what Andy does..... and he does it Well! ” - We Got Da Blues Station @

"Hi Eddie, Just to let you know, Great set from Andy Broad last night, really enjoyable played with real commitment and feeling. Thanks for booking him, must repeat. Rick" - R.... - Audience Feedback From The Poacher

"The first set was acoustic, Andy has an excellent voice and is an accomplished guitarist ... I can't wait for them to come back I even purchased the CD ."M.... - Audience Feedback From The Poacher

Andy Broad