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Friday 09 February 2018 @ 09:00pm :  -
Bob Cheevers

Bob Cheevers

Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings have recorded his songs. When he died, Elvis had a song of Bob’s on his “to do” list. Having written over 3,000 songs with some of them heard on TV and in movies, Bob has toured Europe relentlessly since the year 2000 doing 20-60 concerts per tour and has played in just about every state in the US. He has been a music biz professional since the late 60's during his top-40-charting pop solo career in LA and with his band The Peppermint Trolly Company which was the voice on the TV theme “Love American Style”.

One result of his 1999 “Gettysburg To Graceland” CD being Americana top 20 was being given an opening spot on what was to be Johnny Cash’s final tour. Bob grew up in Memphis and got a soul full of music not only from the icons of his youth such as Elvis and Johnny but also from his mother who was a radio star in the 20's-30's during the big band era. After 25 years in the pop field in California and 16 years as a journeyman writer in Nashville’s country music scene, he now lives in Austin where, in 2011, he was voted the Texas Music Awards’ “Singer/Songwriter Of The Year”.

Nominated again in 2014 for “Singer/Songwriter Of The Year” as well as “Album Of The Year” for his “Smoke And Mirrors” double disc, his CDs regularly find their way into the top of the UK Americana charts and loom largely in the US Americana landscape. His new record “On Earth As It Is In Austin” featuring 15 new guitar/vocal songs with 15 of Austin’s most celebrated musicians playing on one song each continues the Cheevers musical tradition of presenting characters from his past, present and vivid imagination…giving them lives full of love, doubt, hope, struggle and redemption proving that still today, Emmy winning songwriter Bob Cheevers continues to fine tune his musical voice spinning blues flavored tales of life in a conversational language of the heart.



"Bob Cheevers is one cool scarecrow gypsy poet who writes and sings the romantic, beautiful truth. When he releases a record, I listen." ~ Ray Wylie Hubbard, Artist, Producer, Entrepreneur, Wimberley, Texas

"Bob Cheevers is an American Treasure. In the suburbanization and franchising of our country, Bob stands out as one of the last truly American artists we have. One of the reasons he has been able to make his career last so long is that he tells the honest-to-God truth in every song. Even in the stories he makes up out of whole cloth, there is an American truth waiting to be found. I have a gut feeling that Bob Cheevers’ music will only grow in legend and fame in the coming decades, although I’m counting on Bob to give us fifty more years of wonderful storytelling." ~ Brent Bourgeois, Record producer, Songwriter, Head of A&R at Word Records

"Lots of people write songs. Bob Cheevers lives them. He’s the real deal in a world of flashy pretenders. Not all the great ones are rich and famous. Many employ their superpowers in relative obscurity never giving up, always working on the next song, the next record…cause thats what they do. Bob was born a troubadour and never considered another path. He just gets better with every release. How anyone can fly so dangerously close to the fiery truth and not get his wings burned for fifty years running is beyond my understanding." ~ David MacNeill, Songwriter and Musician

"Bob Cheevers has been performing and writing songs for over 50 years and is truly a superb song writer and live performer. His delivery when playing live entices the audience in the same way his heart felt songs do when listening to his recorded work.! ~ James H Soars, Media Services

"Think of Bob Cheevers’ performances and music as a book of short stories, bound together flawlessly by a natural born story teller". ~ Neil Fagan of Performing Songwriter Magazine

"Bob is the new Mark Twain and The Great American Writer". ~ John Titta…formerly head of music publishing at Polygram Music New York

"Bob Cheevers is one of the best songwriters I’ve ever heard. The heart of America is imprinted on every song he writes. When I first interviewed him on the radio, within 5 minutes I felt like I was interviewing an icon of music. I felt like I was in the presence of someone like an Elvis or a Roy Orbison. I started the interview not knowing a thing about Bob or his music, and finished it with so much respect that words don’t do justice. Of the hundreds and hundreds of live radio interviews that I’ve done, I think Bob’s is my favorite. Give yourself a little time to get to know the music of Bob Cheevers". ~ Simon Beards, Maverick Magazine, London, England

Bob Cheevers