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Sunday 05 August 2018 @ 02:00pm :  -
Square Fair Sunday w/Tori Reed & Rick Foot, Velvet Doonicans, Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band & D & F Bros. Grand Indian Circus

Square Fair Sunday.


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1.30pm - TORI REED w/guest RIK FOOT

Tori Reed

Tori Reed's music goes from finger picking folk, through to jazz influenced beats, a dusting of country and vocals that could be soul. It's music that will touch hearts, get toes tapping and leave you wanting more. Born in New Zealand, raised in Australia, and having done a lot of travel, Tori has difficulty naming one place home. This affinity with being on the road has manifested itself in many songs and undoubtedly, being a wandering spirit, will do in many more.

Tori has performed alongside the likes of folk great Martin Carthy, blues master Lloyd Spiegel and folk artist Tecoma, plus many more. From local Antipodean gigs, to far flung performances in Israel; tiny peña's in Argentina to large stages at charity events in Tasmania; big stages, small pubs, Tori has had the fortune to entertain and share stories with musicians and audiences from all over the world. With her unique style and endearing arrangements, Tori is well suited to intimate crowds and caring environments. Every song is aimed at touching the hearts and minds of those listening. Her second album, "The Snug Sessions", was released in 2017.

Double bassist and singer-songwriter Rick Foot comes from a background in abstract improvisation and jazz, and his melodic lines and inventive technical approach to his instrument make him an instantly recognisable presence. He has worked extensively in jazz and free improvisation with many different musicians in the UK, Holland and Spain, including Evan Parker, Lol Coxhill, Harry Beckett, Chris Biscoe, Sarah Gail Brand, Henry Lowther and John Law.

Rick regularly works with Arnie Cottrell, Jo Long, Eva Abraham, Tori Reed, Nancy Kerr's Sweet Visitor band and Australian roots guitarist Derrin Nauendorf, and has recorded with Luke Daniels and John Dipper, touring with Luke, as well as with Jon Boden and the Remnant Kings.

He has recorded two albums of Lorca poems fashioned into songs, and eight years' relentless touring with singer/guitarist Keith James, playing Nick Drake, John Martyn, Lorca and Keith's songs. He led Mingus-repertoire band On The Corner for ten years, including two chaotic tours with saxophonists Dick Heckstall-Smith and Ed Jones and a long-running abstract improvising trio with Steve McDade and the late Simon Reeve. He also toured with Janos Lang's Anglo-Hungarian celtic band Fianna and celtic band Broderick.

Links: Tori Reed

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The Velvet Doonicans

Arnie Cottrell is very untidy. A multi-instrumentalist and singer based in the south of England, he has been performing and recording acoustic music for many years on both sides of the Atlantic. His current band is The Velvet Doonicans, with Graham Bushell and Rick Foot.

Velvet Doonicans
The Velvet Doonicans were formed when the Velvet Underground replaced Lou Reed with Val Doonican in the early 70s. It was a whole new direction for the band and, sadly, soon led to the demise of the band that had come to represent the complete anarchic anti-music antithesis to the summer of love and to middle of the road cartoon Irish folk music. We picked up the torch and ran in the opposite direction, whatever that means. The rest, as they say, is history.

Arnie Cottrell
Arnie Cottrell has been around for a very long time. He plays acoustic guitars, National Tricone guitar, mandolin, mandola, octave mandolin, bouzouki and he sings. He has opened for Robert Cray (twice), Keb Mo (once), Martin Carthy and Norma Waterson, Dick Gaughan, Tim O'Brien and Arty McGlynn, Arty McGlynn and Nollaig Casey, Jackie Leven, The Levellers (the Great Important People's Chairs Controversy!) and has played at a few festivals and recorded on both sides of the Atlantic but he has only been on TV in Louisiana. He loves music and eggy bread and his favourite colour is Dark Blue.

Graham Bushell
Graham Bushell is a truly gifted multi instrumentalist with a lifetime of experience playing in just about every musical situation you could dream up from hard rock, blues, country and western through a top notch swing band (where he was the only member not to have come out of the Royal Marine band school at Deal) to West End shows in the orchestra pit. He has toured relentlessly and his fretboard skills have graced many fine recordings. He plays guitars (including dobro), mandolin (and, indeed any member of the mandolin family), banjo, ukelele, bass guitar all with his own unique style and which is all about feel.

Rick Foot
Rick Foot comes from a background in jazz and abstract improvisation, having played with a wide range of musicians - everyone from Evan Parker to Dick Heckstall-Smith - in the UK and Europe over the last 25 years. He is currently part of Jon Boden and the Remnant Kings and plays regularly in a duo with singer Jo Long, and with Australian singer/guitarist Derrin Nauendorf.


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Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band

Rajasthan – the land of royalty – a glittering jewel set in the golden sands of the barren Thar Desert, with a wealth of rich culture, tradition and heritage.

The Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band is a living embodiment of this landscape, a spectacular celebration of its vibrant and colourful lifestyle, their music and dance a heady, exciting and hypnotic reflection of this enchanting region.

Extensive touring since 2015 has established them as the premier touring Rajasthani brass band for literally all events, from festivals and melas to parties and weddings. With a diverse repertoire spanning Rajasthani folk songs, Bollywood hits, spiritual qawwali, Bhangra beats. sci-fi and intergalactic funk and even some well loved pop songs, these vividly costumed artists cover the full spectrum of the evocative and joyous music that governs life in Rajasthan.

Highly talented musicians from Jaipur, Rajasthan’s renowned “Pink City”, the surrounding villages, make up the brass core of this rousing new ensemble on trumpet, trombone, euphoium and sousaphone, supplemented with clarinet, against an insistent background of percussion on side, bass and dhol drums.


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D & F Bros. Grand Indian Circus

D & F Bros. Grand Indian Circus has been specially created by Rhythms and Ragas in collaboration with Access All Areas and 30ips for touring in 2018 to celebrate Circus250, marking the 250th anniversary of the World's first circus appearing in London in 1768.

Rajasthan is home to the most elite of street circus performers; this fascinating region's legendary entertainment communities combine their amazing skills - with optional live musical support from the World famous Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band - in performing breathtaking acts of courage and bravery. Preserved over many centuries from the time of the Maharajas, they take this ancient, mystical and magical circus format to even greater heights.

The cast of dancers, puppeteers, aerialists, acrobats, musicians and rope walkers, with the eye-watering displays by their fakir, present a colourful, vibrant, fast-moving extravaganza of intrigue, drama, feats of daring, music, laughter and surprise.

Their spectacular, awe-inspiring and unique shows toured Europe extensively all through the summers of 2015 - 2017 under the name of Circus Raj, thrilling audiences of all ages at festivals, melas, community events and carnivals - including Glasgow, Southampton, Edinburgh and Leicester Melas, Walthamstow Garden Party and numerous festivals including Glastonbury, Camp Bestival, Bestival, Lunar, Imagine Watford, Richmond upon Thames, Readipop, Rhythms of the World IOW, Geronimo, Harwich, Middlewich FAB, Sziget in Hungary, Earigail in Ireland, SKIrcus, Stoppenden Verden and Forde in Norway.